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InnerLights1Vladislav Nešić

Idea and direction: Vladislav Nešić
Cast: Ada Vera Petković, Dragan Dželetović, Dunja Petković, Filip Bančov, Ivona Mitić, Katarina Pendić, Pavle Šakić, Milana Matejić, Teodora Matović and Marija Nenadov
Someday perhaps the inner light will shine forth from us and then we'll need no other light. (J. W. Goethe)

Can we experience a theatre without our sight? This, so far unexplored theatre form, through play Inner Lights sets in front of theatre audience this type of challenge. PATOS Theatre, as a pioneer, has been exploring this concept since 2014, developing it under a name Eyes Shut Theatre.

Inner Lights is first play that stimulates all the senses of the audience, all but sight. With this procedure, all the action takes place directly next to the audience, and each visitor gets a more intense impression because he/she becomes the play protagonist that experiences a complete narrative of the play from the first-person perspective. Scenic darkness revives the inner landscapes of one life that, through a mix of smells, tastes, touch, and sounds, unwinds in each visitor in a specific way. The landscapes of life in Serbia, which are the main motives of this performance, paint a unique image of the customs, beliefs, and mentality of one nation, thus revealing much more about it then meets the eye.
Assistant direction: Katarina Pendić
Associates: Danijela Stojković (NIT) and Mina Sablić (BAZAART)
Inspired by: Slobodan Stanković, Mara Ožegović, Miloš Pržić, Marko Cvetković and Danijela Stojković
Monologue: Slobodan Stanković
Harmonika: Miloš Pržić
Sound design: Ljuba Ninković
Tone: Jakov Jovanović
Special guest appearance: Church choir „Sloga” (SD) and choir Equilibrium (BG)
Poster design: Milica Tasić
Thanks: Jelena Stojanović, Vesna Petrović and Tanja Petrović
Special thanks to Francis A. Willey for allowing the usage of his artwork „Blindness“for the purpose of promoting the concept of the performance. Check out this and other original Francis' work on the link below.
Production: PATOS
Partners: Association of blind and visually impaired of Smederevo and Center for culture Smederevo
Premier: October, 2014.
Season 2014/2015.
Duration: 40'