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medeja 01Performance based on Euripides' Medea

Authors: Sasha Rakef & Vanda Butković 
Design: Urban Belina
Cast: Ivana Spasić, Milica Stević, Marija Miladinović, Anja Todorović, Anđelka Vulić, Ana Pašti, Katarina Pendić, Miljan Guberinić , Bojan Vasić & Miloš Stanković

Production: PATOSoffIRANJE 04
Premiere: June 2008
Season 2007/2008

Duration 40'

Taking Euripides' Medea as a starting point, which is often seen as the first feminist drama, performance Medea Blossoming examines the impact of tradition and pop culture on the identity of a modern woman. This ancient tragedy and theme of woman as a second class citizen is transferred to the world of tabloid spectacle, in which everything, from personal pain to the humanistic ideas, is transformed into a product. Medea, a woman with no social status and power, perform morally (un)acceptable act like the only way of resistance, and thus gets the public's attention and leaves social commentary, both in real and in the virtual world. The performance takes place exclusively in the club atmosphere and is set as an intervention in public.
The performance was created as a production of the multimedia festival PATOSoffIRANJE 04 and it is the final product of the international project Myth as a fate. The international jury declared this performance as the winner of the festival PATOSoffIRANJE 04.