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tacka 01The performance was created through the project IDEAL

Leaders of the process: Dubravka Subotić & Nataša Milojević
Written and directed by: PATOS
Playwright: Mina Sablić
Consultant: Sunčica Milosavljević
Music: Andrija Krajić, Miloš Jovanović
Costume: Jelena Stojanović
Coordinators: Miljan Guberinić, Bojan Vasić & Vladislav Nešić

Cast: Ana Pašti, Marina Mišić, Ada Vera Petković, Vida Antonijević, Nevena Maslać, Dunja Petković, Kaća Zdravković, Ivona Mitić, MIloš Stanković, Marija Narandžić, Katarina Pendić, Milica Savić, Ivan Simić, Anja Todorović & Živorad Đorđević

Produced by: Bazaart, Fortress Theater & PATOS
Season 2011/2012

Duration 20'

Point. Does not symbolize anything other than nothing. The people we are. Point. We are different but we are all people. Point. It only needs to be clear. Point. I do not accept! I do not understand! There is no point, then put a comma. Let me explain why I respect the difference. Let me say that I am different from you, but I accept that. Point!
Through the process of creating this performance, members of PATOS had the opportunity to try the non-verbal, physical theater and thus push their own limits and habits of expression. How to be loud and clear without words - a challenge that the group agreed with the clear intention to initiate a conversation not put an end to it.