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noc secanja 00The performance was created through the project ART4A - Street of memories

Written and directed by: PATOS
Scenography: PATOS
Stage movement: PATOS
Cast: Miloš Stanković, Nevena Gačić, Anja Todorović, Dragan Dželetović, Marija Stevanović, Nikola Milojić, Katarina Pendić, Dunja Petković, Ada Vera Petković, Vida Antonijević, Milica Savić, Ivona Mitić, Kaća Zdravković, Stefan Rakić

Produced by: PATOS & Bazaart
Season 2012/2013

Duration 10'

Everything that is, casts a shadow.

Nil Gejmen, writer

The identity of the individual is reflected in his deeds. It may not be visible to the eye, but there are acts and processes that take place within us. This is our parallel reality where thoughts are fluid and do not always reflect our reactions and actions in the external tactile world. For this reason, we addressed to the audience with the help of shadows that we like to interpret as a silent witnesses of ourselves. These witnesses have neither words nor color, but by their presence, they point to the constant duality of our personality. Shadows are often more honest and we wanted them to tell their own story in their own language.
In the project ART4A, PATOS dealt with identity of The City of Smederevo and its citizens. Every citizen of Smederevo carries a story that often does not resemble the story of his neighbor. Their grandparents often did not wear the same hats, shoes, clothes, did not live in the same or similar houses, were not accustomed to same skills and sometimes did not even spoke the same language. With them Smederevo has unique concept beautiful and dignified life. Their stories are the basis of this performance, through which we wanted to mark awareness of the differences between citizens of Smederevo, differences that point out tolerance and mutual understanding. Cities are the people who live in them, and the shadows are there to constantly remind us on that fact.