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mars matrikulaThe performance was created through the collaboration of young artists of Smederevo

Concept: PATOS
Choreography: Ana Pašti, Anđelka Vulić & Marina Mišić
Produced by: PATOS & Co.
Season 2012/2013

Duration 15'

Matricula or badge for personal identification is taken as a symbol of the program PATOSoffIRANJE 09, through which we wanted to draw attention to the crisis of identity, both individual and in community. Identity is a permanent sense of personal integrity and stability despite changes in it and around it. It builds and nourishes the culture and consciousness of the culture. Without culture it is degraded and meaningless. At a time when culture is treated as a luxury, we ask ourselves: what is the price of our matriculas?
This question is a theme of the performance March of the matriculas. The set begins with a gathering of artists at the end of the city's main promenade (King Peter Street) and turns into a march to the main city square where at the fountain turns into a unique choreographic setting, accompanied by a song of Michael Jackson They don't really care about us. Over 100 young actors, dancers, painters and others, attended this performance and they were all wearing their authentic uniforms - theater costumes, masks, traditional costumes...
This performance emerged as an extension of earlier flash mob, which was carried out on the initiative of PATOS for World Theatre Day 27th of March in 2013.