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PATOSoffIRANJE is the festival for the young and urban audience that includes theater performances, film screenings, concerts, street performances, drama, art, dance, photography, percussion workshops, exhibitions...

The festival brings together a number of eminent artists from abroad (so far from 25 different countries), as well as from our country. The aim of the festival is that the young and other urban audiences get familiar with contemporary trends in arts, but festival also encourage them to take an active part in the creation of art and creative expression. Through workshops festival makes an educational impact. Since 2012, Festival hosts project of the Council of Europe Living library in which the Books are people representing groups frequently confronted with prejudices and stereotypes, and who are often victims of discrimination, prejudice or social exclusion.

The festival was first held from 1st to 3rd of July 2005, and last years is held in the first weekend of July and lasts for 4 days (from Thursday to Sunday).

The initiative was born out of AR.CO. (Artistic Connection) international theater project (INTERREG III A Trans - Adriatic Project ) that included young artists from Italy, Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Serbia. The creator of the festival is Art Director of PATOS, Vladislav Nešić, in collaboration with Italian director Salvatore Tramacere. Since PATOSoffIRANJE 2, Art Director of the festival is Sunčica Milosavljević, theater director and Program Director of the BAZAART association from Belgrade.

Festival has very positive response in the community, especially among young people who finally have a chance to get acquainted with the modern trends and tendencies in contemporary arts, and to actively participate in interactive festival programs and to exchanges experiences with young people from other countries and areas.

Prizes to be awarded at the festival are:

Grand Prix for best overall performance in the opinion of the jury;

Branislav B. Čubrilović, the prize to the author of the bravest approach to art;

Audience Award;

• Nico Garrone, special recognition to journalists and the media that are engaged in culture.

The "Nico Garrone" award was established for the first time in 2014, as a special recognition to journalists and the media that are engaged in culture. The prize is awarded for especially active, analytical and continuous work, to a kind of journalists that are not just reporters in culture, but an important part of it.
The award is named after a prominent journalist and theater critic of the Italian newspaper "The Republic", who was dedicated to the affirmation of Italian and European contemporary theater and dance scene, and since 2005, through the activities of the theatre PATOS and festival "PATOSoffIRANJE", followed the independent culture in Serbia and the region.